This is how it goes , Aishwarya asked me and Abhiram to come and judge , yeah I am not writing it wrong “to judge” the Webmakers competition. On 2Oth of February , I reached the venue quite early to just roam around and see what was going on. I met Abraar , another Mozillian and a good friend , he was judging a Hackathon which was also being conducted under Mozilla’s banner , I actually had a really good time talking to participants about their ideas and their vision about taking their idea forward.

After a while , I went to the class where our event was suppose to kickstart. Abhiram was running a bit late and I was quite astonished with the number of participants that turned up , it was really overwhelming. Finally Abhiram arrived and he was more of a MOZ-SANTA for the participant. MOZ-SANTA because he got all the goodies. I could actually see the excitement in participant , so we started the session.

Abhiram started with introducing them to Mozilla. He went on to cover different aspect and different projects that Mozilla is involved in. I kept cracking petty jokes in between, and then I covered how can one start contributing to Mozilla. I shared my journey , how I started contributing and what I am doing right now, how it changed my life.

We left them for a while to have lunch , after they got back we went on to demonstrate how to use webmakers tools. Then the magic began in no time they were hacking on the topics we gave them ,

  1. Net Neutrality
  2. How will you explain encryption to a 6 year old

I must say , I saw a lot of creative ideas and a lot amazing implementations. Some of them were writing HTML for the first time. All thanks to Aishwarya , Ayesha and their team for pulling of such an amazing event. Some of the moments captured are here.

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