This is a place where you learn how to do stuff, I got to know about summer training when I was going through Twitter feeds. Bhibhas and Sayan tweeted about it and I thought why not give it a try. And now when I look back I made a wise decision joining it. Training generally take place over IRC so anyone can attend it irrespective of where are they from who are they and what is there background. I met a lot of amazing people I got to realize that how much more I need to do.

I started the training as a newbie , I tried to attend as many sessions as possible and most importantly I tried to implement what ever I learnt. I made amazing friends and found peers who can look into my code and we can have a discussion about issues. We had sessions form Kushal which was not only challenging but also fun.

We even had a session from mbuf which was enthralling and makes you ponder over your existence. He is one gem of a person. Sayan use to take class on python and basics of web development, he is one of the person whom I have bugged a lot and I still do but he has never given up on me.

Once a while there are guest sessions from people who are contributing to the upstream, these session actually motivate you towards contributing because they make you feel that all these that you are doing is not without a reason.

At the end people stop attending session I don’t know the reason but actually the doubles during the end because then only comes the real reason for the whole training. The end turns the trainees into contributors and that feeling cannot be converted into words. This training has not only taught me technologies but has given a direction to my life. Thank You DGPLUG.

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