FEDORA-INFRA: A contributor friendly repo

This all started with zeal to contribute to open source. Seeing your code work is awesome but your code being used by zillions of people out there is not comparable.So it all started when Kushal gave the link to fedora-infra repo and Trishna shared the link to me. I went there and with the limited knowledge of python I have I thought I can contribute to the community.

I took up the ownership to fix an easyfix in the repo, pingou was the mentor for this bug and a super friendly one.I cloned the repo and set up my development environment now since was late but I was so damn interested to fix that bug that I worked for about two hours on it and I was able to get some result . All this while I was on irc on #fedora-apps channel. I pushed it and asked pingou to review it , but he slept. I thought I have to wait till the next day but then threebean and prth came to my rescue.

The reviewed my code and guided me and made me tweaked a little bit. Till now my commit count has reached 5. The next day pingou came online and made me tweak it a little more wait not a little but like crazy more after one more hour of work, the fix was done.

Now I have 8 commits , now the challenge was to squash 8 commits into 1 , I have never done it before and I ran into various issues but to my rescue me pingou was always there he guided me with every step. We tried for 3 hours approx and failed every time.

After that I tried one more time this time very slowly and steadily and there I was SWEET SUCCESS , I sent a final PR and I think pingou was also online and he accepted it the very moment.The next day I sent another PR and it also got merged.I am really enjoying contributing to fedora-infra.Its just amazing .

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