“Every good thing comes to end and that is sadly true for this camp too.” this was my last thought before leaving for home. To be honest I was about to cry but somehow I motivated my self not to .


I was a bit skeptical about joining the camp but suddenly it seems to be one the best decision ever made by me .There are various reason why I don’t wanted to go for the camp one of them being my introvert nature but HTML5 and Node JS lured me in .
It was drizzling outside I somehow managed to get to the hostel. I shared rooms with such amazing people Sam,Sagar,Abhilash and Mahesh all of them being my senior but they never bossed over me. We use to have amazing time coding , playing , making fun of each other and discussing about ideas.

Being a non-believer in formal education this camp was a bliss for me because here more than theory we try having hands-on on technologies. We have favourite lecturers in college who teach different concepts with zeal and passion here every speaker was like this favourite professor they teach us with such dedication that we use to code from 9 to 9 till these people literally shooed us away.


Webmaker party is something to look after the use of x-ray goggles , thimble and popcorn maker was something incredible. Sarath was amazing at his talks Node Js was so interesting because of him that I loved scripting in node js and to my joy I was able to troubleshoot my problems as well as others. I wish someday I could speak like him and make others love coding.
In hostel documentary session was utterly interesting we watched nero’s guest although I was so tired that took napped two three times in between the movie but I made sure that I keep my points in the debate that followed. Had there been more sessions like that I would have kept myself awake , I promise.
Karthic Rao , well this man is something else warehouse of energy, his insane mindset and carefree attitude . He has a way of teaching that teachers should learn from , he took MongoDB for us and those sessions were totally fun.
Coding and learning was just a part of camp. We even had talks on various social issues Vikram gave us a brief introduction about Free Software philosophy and hands down the way he conveys his point . The simplicity and humility that one experience while he talks about stuff is something that inspired me. He is full of ideas , he encouraged us to stay up late at night and work on the projects ,in his words,” If you are not sleepy in class and not yawning you probably had a good night sleep and that is not good for learning.” For some people it could be revolting but it works the sense of satisfaction you get after working late night is unfathomable.
We use to sleep late at night rather early in the morning and use to get up at 6.Classes were fun so we never use to sleep in classes although I use to steal some sleep while public talks in auditorium and documentary screening.
The opening session was screening of Internet’s Own Boy : Aaron Swartz, it made us realize that knowledge should be free and how Aaron died while fighting for this philosophy , it shook me up and yes I did n’t sleep while watching that movie.We had crypto party where we were taught about encrypting our data. The end of the camp was accompanied by various performance and various love confessions.
“Aaron dead. World wanderers, we have lost a wise elder. Hackers for right, we are one down. Parents all, we have lost a child. Let us weep.”
these lines were said by Sir Tim Berner Lee. I joined the camp as a participant I returned as Free Software Activist

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