Moz @ Mysore

“January, a month well spent. “, this was my thought after I came back from NIE Mysore. NIE was conducting a webmakers session and Abhiram asked me and Abraar to conduct the session there , we have been conducting these session in various colleges we even went to IIT Madras for the same.

For Mysore we were accompanied by Amjad , this was his first session and man! he was nervous. We tried to calm him down but once he went on stage then there was no looking back. Coming back to the Mysore experience , we had to board a train to Mysore and we got really good co-passengers and three of hours journey turned into a really amazing experience.

NIEWe reached Mysore and Guru was there to receive us, we directly went to the college and started preparing for the event, there were about 100 students. They were a bit nervous and shy in the beginning but we had a nice ice breaking session and that made them really comfortable, apart from normal web development workshop , we thought that we should take this session to a different level. After the session we stayed back and tried to various queries and we had a really productive discussion which went from IOT to TV series to FOSS contribution.

The next day we continued the session and covered the rest of the things. I got a small part for covering Javascript and we also gave a walk through of ECMA script. All over the session pretty amazing , awesome organizer , heart warming hospitality and crazy Windows users aka the participants , we actually inspired them to shun Windows and start off with LInux.

Some details have been omitted for preserving public interest. 😉

It was a session worth enjoying , thanks a lot NIE.

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