Pagure Part 2

Hey people, So I have been working on this project called pagure , I have briefed about that project in one of my earlier post.

I have been involved in writing this feature which facilitates the user and admin to edit comment on the pull request. Yeah! sounds so simple and straight forward . Wish it was that simple but it is not . Things I have to go through and things I learnt is really vast.

I experimented and kind got use to something called alembic which is a database migration tool. It gets really complicated if you don’t know how to use it. Alembic is basically used to update rather upgrade a pre-existing database.

I went through a lot of refactoring of code , managing code base placing code at the right place and then comes updating of git repo.

The funniest part of the whole experience is working with pingou and puiterwijk, well this is their IRC nicks, but these guys are crazy amazing . I get to learn a ton of things when puiterwijk reviews my code and he is surely a Japanese Robot 😉 and pingou is the one who keeps guiding me , motivating me .

Pingou says “Hitting the wall is just another step to find the door. The trick is don’t hit the wall so many times that it breaks your head that is the time you should ask for help”

It’s been really awesome working on the feature I am able to get the proper functioning of the feature but then there has to be much of improvement over it, there are various things that has to be integrated I am still working on them, hope this gets ready by next release.

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