Python And Cricket

“Indiaaa Indiaaaaa!!” there is only one time when our diverse country unite as Indians and that happens when India is playing against Pakistan and that too specially in cricket. I have a little confession to make I am not a cricket fan . I don’t like cricket but even I watch India v/s Pakistan because it is not only cricket it is something more than that and me being a Geek cannot get my hands away from my MacBook so I ended up writing some code related to the match.

So, I am actually getting my hands dirty with Python . To all the PETA people out there , I am not doing anything with snakes. Yeah, so getting back to it I was actually going through all the tweets on my page and there was a flood of tweets for IndiPak match so I thought why not write a script to do that for me just out of curiosity .

The requisites for that is you need to install the python library called tweepy for that you can do “pip install tweepy”. Once that is done you need to register yourself for making twitter application on . Once you get the consumer key and access token you are good to go.

Now, one more thing you need to seed this script with another file having all the slogans . The code is published on github, you can use that script and make amends , you can even push them on github :

Till then , peace out !


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