Spreading the MozFire!

My experience with Mozilla started with FSMK camp last year, for the first time I came to know that we can do something for Mozilla. I remember it was Galaxy and Abhiram that came in the camp and introduced us to the FOSS side of it.

I started looking for tutorials and stuff so that even I can start doing something for the community , at that time I was not that exposed to IRC so eventually I landed up bugging Abhiram on how to contribute code he tried to help me a lot,

But not to any of our success , I still didn’t start contributing , I remember it was Viggy who told me to start looking into the code base and that rang a bell for me. No sooner did he tell me this than I began looking through the code and one week down the line I began working on a patch.

After a month it got accepted , I cannot put that happiness in words , form then to now I have been fixing bugs and looking into different issues.

Last week I got a chance to go on behalf of Mozilla and spread the word in PACE Mangalore. Mangalore has been all about Love, Food and Learning for me. Thank you Abhiram for giving us(Abraar and Me) this opportunity , I really loved the whole experience. Thank you Shreelaksmi Ma’m yoDSC_1770 (1)ur home and family is one of the best people I ever met.

PACE conducts this annual event called BytestrDSC_1773uck to encourage school kids towards FOSS and help them know more about technology which in my opinion is an amazing job. Event was really well organized. Abraar gave them a really nice intro and carried out the session brilliantly , I tried assisting him on doing all things well .
I would really like to thank the PACE team Praful, Sahil, Manisha, Rameez, John and all others who all I didn’t mention you made my first visit to Mangalore memorable.

Peace out! And Keep Rocking the Open Web!

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