Year End Review - 2023

To new beginnings...

Year End Review - 2023

There are plenty of things that I am grateful for in this year. This year had a lot of firsts and I am thankful that I could experience each of these moments in my life.

So let's go with the firsts:

  1. I had my first international travel this year. I was so happy to meet my team at OpenCraft in Bogota. The trip was a crazy experience that deserves a blog of its own.

  2. Shabnam and I bought our first car, and it humbles me every time we think about it.

  3. We did a month-long excursion and stayed in the mountains. The digital nomad feel was a high point.

  4. We did our first Himalayan trek. We summited Kedarkantha which is at 12,500 feet.

  5. I started dancing(without rhythm) in group Dance fitness sessions.

  6. Did pottery and enjoyed it. (Thanks to Tanvi).

  7. Got my driver's license finally.

  8. Watched Zakir Khan perform live.

Some habits that I cultivated(thanks to Shabnam) that I am happy about:

  1. We took up Badminton as a sport and were consistent on the court.

  2. We started eating clean, so much so that we made some good-looking smoothie/oat bowls this year.

  3. We have been consistent in improving our health i.e. physical and mental.

  4. Consistent weekend morning walks at Cubbon Park. This might look underrated but the peace it brings you is divine.

Things that I could improve this year:

  1. Write more blogs, I have been lazy or caught up with some other things.

  2. Attend more meetups.

  3. Read and understand more about nutrition and have a meaningful relationship with food.

  4. Cultivate the habit of reading research papers.

  5. Avoid Doom scrolling.

Apart from all this on the professional front, I was able to work on a lot of OpenEdx stuff, especially in the front-end components. There was a lot of good momentum with Metamind as well and we would be able to gauge our direction better now.

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